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TECNI Cable Balustrade Systems

TECNI supply a number of different stainless steel wire rope balustrade systems, we can offer both vertical and horizontal systems (posts not included for horizontal systems)

Why Use A Wire Rope Balustrade System?

Sometimes it can be confusing knowing where to start when planning your balustrade - here are a few things to keep in mind:

Cable balustrade offers a more flexible system than glass, it allows both light and air to flow through the space in which you are installing it. It can be used internally and externally both for commercial and domestic applications as a barrier to stop unwanted access to an area and other architectural features.

  • Marine grade stainless steel cable balustrade is weather resistant, requires little maintanance and allows for both light and air to flow through without restriction.
  • Our standard balustrade systems are supplied with sufficient wire rope and fittings for the required number of runs - the wire rope is supplied in one length and will need to be cut to size on site
  • The stainless steel balustrade systems we supply are quick and easy to fit on either a masonry or into wooden fence posts, saving time and money on larger projects.
  • Stainless steel cable balustrade allows you to achieve a highly polished finish quickly and easily, without the need for specialist tools or having to bring in a third-party to fit it.

The TECNI cable balustrade is very easy to fit, if you require details of how to fit our Vertical Balustrade please contact sales@tecni.uk

Depending on your preferred look we have a range of systems suitable for your balustrade installation.

  • The TECNI 4mm Cable Balustrade System is an ideal option for both home and small commercial installations, our easy to install marine grade stainless steel fittings make it perfect for updating your balcony, stair case or garden decking, you will receive a free set of cutters if ordered via our website.
  • Our TECNI 6mm Cable Balustrade System is designed with commercial applications in mind when a more substantial fitting is required for example public walkways and other architectural applications.
  • The TECNI Tensor Balustrade system are European designed and tested by the University of Nevarra in Spain - these fittings are available for both straight fittings and with a unique ball to allow for angled runs allowing up to a 35° angle. These fittings can be used both vertically and horizontally.
  • Our TECNI Vertical Balustrade system allows you to easily create a modern looking stainless steel stair case or as infill for a balcony, fabricated in our factory made from marine grade stainless steel it can be installed both inside and outside and is virtually maintenance free. We currently offer installations into wood and metal, masonry is not recommended.

    The TECNI Range of Cable Balustrade Systems

    The first steps to planning your cable balustrade are to decide:

    • Are you looking for a Vertical or Horizontal system?

    • Which material is the balustrade system being installed into? - our fittings can be used with wood, metal and masonry. Please note if you require vertical balustrade into masonry we advise you to look at our Standard and Tensor Systems as our Vertical Balustrade is only suitable for wood and metal.

    • How many runs do you require? Are there any corners which need to be factored into the length, do you require any angled fittings? This is so we can calculate the number of fittings and about of wire rope you require for the installation

      Please note posts are not supplied with our system. A handrail is required to ensure the cable is tensioned properly and doesn't affect the posts. Please check with your local planning office regarding installing horizontal balustrade installations.

      TECNI 4mm Cable Balustrade System with Length & Terminal Options

      Our Best selling TECNI Standard cable balustrade system is UK manufactured from high quality, marine grade stainless steel so is suitable for all environments and will go into wood or metal posts as well as brick or masonry. Moreover it is a DIY system meaning it is easy to install with no specialist tools or training necessary.

      TECNI® 6mm Commercial Balustrade System with Length & Terminal Options

      Perfect for outdoor applications such as public walkways, balcony systems and other commercial projects. This M8 size fitting uses 6mm Stainless Steel cable for when a more substantial look is required, it is easy to install with no specialist tools required.

      TENSOR Balustrade System

      These premium quality, A4-316 marine grade stainless steel fittings are unique. Simple and stylish, yet are as strong as the cable and offer the perfect cable railing solution for those areas where a high strength and tamper proof cable infill is required. They are most efficient with 7x7 strand cable.

      It is suitable for horizontal, vertical and angled runs for decking, indoor and outdoor cable balustrades and wire balconies, wire railing and architectural features. 

      Vertical Balustrade

      TECNI designed its 'Standard' Vertical Balustrading system with 2.5mm cable both for strength and aesthetic appeal. Due to natural deflection of wire, we recommend maximum spacings of 80mm between vertical wires. The system is designed to be DIY so that it can be installed without any specialist tools or training required and very little maintenance, if any is required.

    While our range of systems come in pre-packed, easy-to-fit kits, we are also able to complete custom projects based on bespoke designs. Please contact our knowledgable sales team with your questions or project enquiries - sales@tecni.uk.

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