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TECNI® 6mm Commercial Balustrade System with Length & Terminal Options

Wire Balustrade Infill Options for installing into metal, wood or masonry, our balustrade kits provide all the necessary parts for one balustrade run (one single cable length):
  • 1 x Left hand M8 Tension fitting (either straight or angle type).

  • 1 x Right hand M8 Tension fitting (either straight or angle type).

  • 6mm 7x7 Stainless Steel Cable to the total length selected. 

Angled and Straight runs available to suit your requirements.

Please note that cable will be in one length and will need to be cut to length upon installation.

Our High Quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel TECNI Standard balustrade fittings are perfect for straight or angled cable runs through wood & metal posts or into masonry. Supplied with sufficient 6mm 7x7 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Wire Rope perfect for outdoor applications such as public walkways , balcony systems and other commercial applications.

£35.00 to £75.70

Straight/Angled Cable

Balustrade End Fitting 1

Balustrade End Fitting 2

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Applications & Advice

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Technical Info

Download the Datasheet Here

  • A top rail, capable of withstanding a compressive load, should be fitted to help absorb the considerable force exerted by the cables on the end posts. Without one the posts are likely to fall in and the cable to go slack.

  • When drilling your posts and anchor points, the following sizes apply for the M8 system:

    • Intermediate post clearance holes: wire size +1mm.

    • Wooden anchor points - Pilot hole of 6mm

    • Steel anchor points. Drill 7mm hole and Tap M8

    • If tapping into metal posts, ensure the tapping tool is straight in all planes. The angle at which the 7mm holes are drilled into the posts is critical. Be sure that the measurement point and position of the holes are correct.

  • For the best look, when screwing the studs into the posts ensure the depth of the stud and the amount of visible thread is the same for each stud all the way down the post.

  • For correct tensioning using 75mm (3 in) spacings the cable should not deflect to more than 100mm (4 in). 

Note: You should always check with your local planning office to confirm that horizontal wires will be allowed