TECNI Ltd Buying Guides

TECNI Cable Balustrade Systems

TECNI supply a number of different stainless steel wire rope balustrade systems, we can offer both vertical and horizontal systems (posts not included for horizontal systems)

4mm Balustade fittings into Wood
4mm Balustade fittings into Metal
TECNI Tensor Balustrade Fittings
TECNI Vertical Balustrade Systems

TECNI Garden and Trellis Systems

TECNI supplies a range of stainless steel cable trellis systems for a variety of uses, from plant training to creating a living green wall. Available in kits for straight runs or grids, or as custom designed bespoke projects.

Basic Trellis system with wire rope clip
Mini-Pro Trellis
Trellis Fitting on Wall

TECNI Ltd Display and Suspension Fittings for Cable and Wire Rope

Find out more about our range of fittings suitable for shop displays, signage and other suspension applications.

Choosing The Right Fitting to Tension Cable and Wire Rope

Learn how to choose the right fitting to tension your wire rope. Our recommendations are for static suspension only not for lifting.

rigging screw assembly