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TECNI Wire Rope Trellis Systems

TECNI supplies a range of stainless steel cable trellis systems for a variety of uses, from plant training to creating a living green wall. Available in kits for straight runs or grids, or as custom designed bespoke projects.

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basic trellis
Mini-Pro Trellis
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Why Use A Wire Rope Trellis System?

You may have some questions about using wire rope trellis for your next garden project. Hopefully the answers below should clear up any queries:

As trellis systems require very few fixings, the impact on, or potential for damage to a building’s façade is minimal whilst the visual impact is maximised. Similarly, the system is set away from the wall so, with the correct plant choice, plants will not damage the façade and systems may be used with confidence on existing buildings, even those that may be listed.

  • - Stainless steel wire trellis is corrosion-resistant, allowing them to remain in excellent condition regardless of the weather to which they are exposed in garden settings. Unlike wooden trellis panels, steel wire trellis will not rot and need replacing, resulting in a long-term solution for landscaping needs.

  • - Our pre-packaged wire rope trellis systems come in in a range of sizes and designs, with widths and heights from 1 metre to 5 metres, and spacings between posts of either 330mm or 500mm. We also have the capability of working with our customers to design a bespoke cable trellis system exactly to your needs.
  • - The stainless steel trellis systems we supply are quick and easy to fit on either a stone wall or into wooden fence posts, saving time and money on larger projects.
  • - Stainless steel cable trellis allows you to achieve a high-end finish quickly and easily, without the need for specialist tools or having to bring in a third-party to fit it.

Our wire rope trellis systems are designed to be easy to fit for the home gardener, with no need for specialist tools. As such, we have produced easy-to-follow demonstration videos for installation of each system in our range:

The range of wire rope trellis systems we stock are all designed with different plant uses in mind:

- The Basic kit is suitable for light-weight trellis applications and training plants such as jasmine, rambling roses and other small climbing plants.

- The Standard kit makes it easy to add a green wall to your house. Suitable for any climbing plant, the system is perfect for creating a maintenance-free support to create your own living green wall.

  • - The Mini Pro kit is designed for plants such as clematis, honeysuckle, hops, rambling rose and trumpet creeper. Which plants prefer what type of support? Climbers grow in different ways and the way the plant grows will dictate the type of support you need. The speed it grows will dictate the spacing required between the supports and the distance it needs to be from the wall.

    • - Vines or Twisting Plants naturally grow vertically so in theory only need vertical supports. Wisteria (Wisteria Sinensis), Honeysuckles (Lonicera), Hops (Humulus Lupulus) and Morning glory (Ipomoea Hederacea) are all examples.

    • - Grid Systems provide the optimum support for leaf-stem and leaf climbers as they form coils and cling around their supports. Most varieties of Clematis and Nasturtiums are examples of the former and grape vines (Vitis), Passion flowers the latter.

    • - Long horizontal wires with a small vertical range are ideal for ramblers, scrambling plants and espalier trees such as climbing and rambler roses, bramble-like shrubs and winter-flowering jasmine.

  • It depends on the weight of the plant, material of the fixing point and size of the trellis required. In addition, whether you want a simple grid system or just horizontal or vertical wires.

    • - The TECNI MINI-PRO System can be used for both Grid and Horizontal/Vertical systems and is ideal for heavier plants such as Wisteria, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Creeper.

    • - The TECNI Basic and TECNI Standard trellis systems are smaller and lighter than the MINI-PRO System and are ideal for domestic grid systems, horizontal and vertical wires with lighter/moderate planting.

    • - Our basic trellis system is ideal for smaller horizontal and vertical installations, simple and easy to install suitable for rambling roses and jasmine.
    • - A grid can be created using our Standard system and is available in both 330mm (0.33 metre) and 500mm (0.5 metre) square grids from 1 metre to 5 metres. Suitable for hops, blackberry and pyracantha.

    The TECNI Range of Wire Rope Trellis Systems

    The first steps to planning your wire rope trellis are to decide:

    • - Where you want to install your Trellis System.

    • - What climbing plants you are going to train. This will help you decide if you require horizontal, vertical wires or a grid system.
    • - How you would like it to look.
    • TECNI Basic Wire Trellis Kit

      • - Simple to Install
      • - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
      • - Use vertically or horizontally

      The TECNI Basic trellis system is perfect for plant training lightweight plants such as rambling roses and jasmine, the kit provides you with sufficient cable for the installation, suitable grips, hooks and a hook and eye tensioner. Using high quality marine grade stainless steel fittings and wire rope means that fitting trellis to your existing fence panels is easy and the system is maintenance free once installed. The system is easy to install as demonstrated in our basic trellis video. It is an ideal metal trellis system for those who require a lightweight garden wire tension kit. This system is not suitable for grids.

      basic trellis

      TECNI STANDARD Wire Trellis Grid Kit

      • - Low Maintenance
      • - Easy to Install
      • - Perfect for Training Plants and Creating Green Walls

      TECNI Cable Trellis "Standard" fitting is designed to support 4mm cable lengths both vertically and horizontally 60mm from the surface in a grid configuration using either 330mm spacings or 500mm spacings. The system provides sufficient cable and fittings for your chosen grid size. It has modern stainless steel crossover fittings which are perfect for creating grids to support a wide variety of plants including clematis, hops, blackberry and pyracantha. TECNI trellis fittings are designed and precision-engineered in the UK from Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Allowing you to incorporate a modern wire rope trellis into your new garden design.

      Sizes range from 1m x 1m up to 5m x 5m.

      standard trellis

      TECNI MINI PRO Wire Trellis System

      • - Easy to install - no special tools required
      • - Ideal for Plant Training and Green walls
      • - Weather Resistant Stainless Steel Fittings

      The Mini Pro trellis system can be used to create both straight runs and a grid tensioned stainless steel wire rope trellis system. Using high quality UK precision engineered stainless steel fittings it allows you to create a grid with standard spacings of 400mm max wide and 500mm max tall. Allowing you to easily incorporate a modern stainless steel trellis into your new garden design.

      • - Grid sizes range from 1m x 1m to 5m by 5m.
      • - Straight runs available in lengths of up to 6m.

      mini-pro trellis

      While our range of systems come in pre-packed, easy-to-fit kits, we are also able to complete custom projects based on bespoke designs. Please contact our knowledgable sales team with your questions or project enquiries -

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      basic trellis
      mini pro straight run
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