We are TECNI Ltd

TECNI Ltd was formed in 2005 as TECNI-Cable Ltd and has since gone onto become one of the UK's largest suppliers of wire rope products and stainless steel cable assemblies. We also offer high quality lifting equipment from some of the biggest lifting brands in the world Crosby, Green Pin, Columbus McKinnon, Tractel, Mec Wolf & Pewag. Our focus is quality and we achieve this by offering a range of premium products with full material traceability and verification that we can ship worldwide from our modern factory in Somerset. We are genuinely passionate about your projects and drive to help design and supply a creative solution for your requirements.

"genuinely passionate about your projects"

QUALITY - TECNI Ltd is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved company (Registered Company No. LRQ 4007492). We take pride in the fact that our products will last in service, and are designed for long term usage.

TRACEABILITY - TECNI Ltd use an advanced lot and serial number tracking system to ensure that all goods are traceable back to source.

TESTING - We can perform cycle and straight line pull tests to give you complete confidence in your assemblies. If it is a proof load or destruction test that you require, we can give you a full report showing the exact result or point of failure. Printed certificates including graphs are available upon request.

CERTIFICATION - Where items require it TECNI Ltd have the capability to produce certification to relevant standards or regulations. This can include but is not limited to, EC Declaration of conformity, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Conformity, Safe working instructions, Test certificate, Material analysis Report (Metal).

"committed to sourcing from UK manufacturers"

Proud Members of Made in Britain. TECNI is committed to sourcing from UK manufacturers wherever possible. We design many of our components in-house and then work with approved suppliers in the United Kingdom to ensure material and finished product quality meets our extremely high standards. We then verify the products before receiving them into our factory using material analysis equipment and calibrated load testing equipment. The products are then sold as individual parts or assembled by our skilled workforce into wire rope assemblies for applications as diverse as Formula 1 to garden design.

"quality products, industry leading service"

However large or small your project is, we believe that successful projects are created by good communication, collaboration and high end quality products. To that end we are committed to supplying premium quality, defect-free products and provide a best-in-class service to every individual customer, no matter how large or small to meet or exceed their expectation. We happily pass on our experience, expertise and shared knowledge to our customers. We will advise you on the best products for your project through email and on the end of the phone; whilst our product videos and data sheets, Applications and Advice Section are all available online.”

Meet The Team

Trevor Heyworth

Andrew Caulton
Managing Director

Melissa Heyworth
Company Secretary

Donna McGrath
Office Manager

Dean Manning
Chief Purchaser

Ian Boyer
Head of IT

Lauren Powell
Sales Advisor

Kirsty Tozer

Ashley Adlam
Factory & Quality Manager

Kevin McGrath
Warehouse Supervisor

Brent Jenkins
Manufacturing Operative

Andy Mason
Manufacturing Operative

James Timms
Manufacturing Operative

Harry Harris
Manufacturing Operative

Kevin Day
Warehouse Operative