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Proud Made In Britain Members

TECNI Ltd joined the Made in Britain campaign in December 2014, we are proud to be part of such an important movement to encourage people to buy more locally manufactured products. Our commitment to upholding the Made in Britain Code of Conduct aligns with our core business values and we are committed to maintaining them. Our ISO certified British based factory celebrated its 15 year anniversary at the beginning of 2020 and we are looking forward to many years to come.

Designed by TECNI in the UK

Innovation is at the heart of TECNI's business model and we pride ourselves in creating solutions to our customers' problems, examples include new die sets for our swaging machines in order to get the exact dimensions and shape required. We have also designed a new set of ball dies for our Handheld Hydraulic Crimping Tool for creating gym cables on site. Our in-house CAD team uses OnShape to design the solution to our customer's problem. Prototypes are then produced within the UK to test the product's viability.

Manufactured in the UK

TECNI's best selling products have been designed in-house and manufactured in the UK; our network of manufacturing partners allows us to source a variety of components and wire rope to meet even the most demanding of specifications. Our manufacturing team have a wide range of skills allowing us to create bespoke cable and wire rope products at our spacious factory. Once this is completed our warehouse team are standing by to despatch it quickly and efficiently.

For example, our bullet fitting was designed in the UK using our in-house CAD software, the plans for which we sent to one of our UK-based manufacturing partners. Upon receipt, we verify the materials using our Niton XL5 analyser, it is then added to our stock in the warehouse. Should it then be needed for our balustrade fittings, our production operatives will then assemble the product, ready to be shipped worldwide from the UK.

Assembled by TECNI in the UK

Our UK based manufacturing team are able to assemble a variety of products using a variety of Quality Stainless Steel components. All of our cable assemblies are created to an exacting standard using approved drawings whether it be a TECNI designed product or a customer designed product we believe that precision is important for producing the desired end product. If a customer requires an assembly using specific fittings for example military specification fittings or cable we can provide verification of strength and composite materials. Our wide range of equipment includes swaging machines for wire up to 12mm and a wire rope cutting machine which means that we can easily manufacture a wide variety of assemblies for a large number of applications.

Verified by TECNI in the UK

Our in house testing facilities include both load testing technology and advanced material verification. 

Materials verified

Each product is tested using our Niton XL5 material testing machine as it is booked into the warehouse against a predefined specification list, if it does not meet the requirements it is rejected and returned to the manufacturing partners under our ISO auditing system and the quality issue is logged. 

Load tested in the UK

For customers who require a proof load test our in-house vertical test machine can proof load cable assemblies & lifting equipment up to 10 tonnes. A video and full report of test and failure points can be provided.

Committed to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint 

TECNI are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we try to source as many of our components as possible from within the UK so there is less chance of environmental impact from fossil fuels and where this isn't possible we collate our deliveries to reduce the number of journeys required by our products. All waste materials are recycled locally where possible and we are aiming to have fully environmentally friendly packaging in the near future.