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Custom Wire Rope Assemblies

Full range of load rated fixtures and fittings
Technical and design services
Testing facilities and certification options
Full material and product traceability and engraving capabilities
ISO 9001 certified company
Quick turnaround and flexible delivery options

Official distributors of Reutlinger and Zip Clip products
Worldwide delivery options available
UK Manufactured cable assemblies in line with BS EN standards
Fitting and Wire Rope assembly design
3D computer design for projects
First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) to AS9102

Garden - Stainless Steel Trellis, Cable Balustrade or Catenary Wire Systems

Whether you require Trellis, Balustrade or Catenary, we have a full range of wire rope and fittings perfect for tensioning cables in the garden. Suitable for use on both commercial and private installations for projects such as suspending outdoor lighting, Trellis designs on walls, pergolas, or balustrade for decking and balconies. We will work with you to recommend the most suitable solution.

Security Cables

Tecni offers a range of easy to order, online options for security cables with a range of end fittings to suit your needs. Suitable for securing items both indoors and outdoors due to the Stainless Steel cable and coating. The security lanyards (security bonds) are perfect for securing bikes, patio sets and guns as well as many other items. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities make it possible for you to decide the length or preferred diameter of your security cables if what you require can not be found on the website. We can also offer Stainless Steel or Galvanised Chain options if this is preferred.


TECNI manufactures cable assemblies and supplies wire rope and components to the aerospace industry in accordance with military specifications. We have the capability to work from existing technical drawings and CAD files, or provide bespoke design options to meet the needs of your project.

We have an advanced range of testing equipment including full material analysis, and tensile & destruction testing up to 8T as well as an engraving service, providing a unique identification number on assemblies and full traceability using our advanced lot numbering system. Please contact a member of the sales team at sales@tecni.uk with your technical drawings or questions for further assistance.

Suspension - Lighting & Display

TECNI offer a large range of DIY fittings that are quick and easy to install on site. Suitable for suspension of shop signs, light fittings, wine racks, acoustic panels and much more. All items are load rated and our sales team are on hand to advise with regards to the suspension and loading requirements of your project. We are able to offer fittings, catenary systems or bespoke cable assemblies suitable for indoor and outdoor suspension dependant upon your project.


We work in partnership with customers to offer precise manufactured cable assemblies to extremely tight tolerances with bespoke engineered components. Offering full traceability, testing and certification services in line with customers drawings and specifications. We pride ourselves on offering a first class service with express service and delivery options available to meet tight deadlines.

Gym Cables

As well as stocking the superior Exerflex Pro Gym cable (which offers a higher load rating than commercial cables, thus extending the life of your cable), we offer a made to measure gym cable service available to both businesses and members of the public. We work alongside you to review your requirements and offer a suitable and safe solution.

A vast range of Gym fittings and cable can be purchased as individual items along with suitable tools for use on site, or we can manufacture your cable assemblies for you. Please contact a member of the sales team if you require assistance finding items for your bespoke cable requirements.

Theatre and Stage Rigging & Lighting Suspension

TECNI offers a wide range of load rated wire rope and fittings suitable for use in the theatre industry. We stock an extensive range of black non reflective wire rope and fittings that have proved to be popular where invisible suspension on stage is required. We also offer technical assistance and design for installations that require manufactured items, suitable for quick installation on site. If you require assistance finding suitable items for your project/installation please contact a member of the Sales Team at sales@tecni.uk.