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Manufacturing Capabilities

At our UK-based factory, TECNI has a wide variety of equipment and machinery which our manufacturing operatives use in the creation of bespoke wire rope assemblies.

These can be broken down into two categories: Those used in the manufacturing processes, and those used in verification. Combined, this equipment allows us to meet quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015.



At TECNI, we have several state-of-the-art TALURIT presses suitable for swaging 0.54mm to 22mm wire rope. This includes our suite of 40 tonne presses which are used with cable between 0.54mm and 8mm, our 150 tonne press which presses 6mm to 14mm, and our 600 tonne press which will press anything between 6mm all the way up to 22mm.

TALURIT Auto Cutter

By using the TALURIT Auto Cutter, we are able to automate the time-consuming process of cutting lengths of cable, allowing our manufacturing operatives to focus their skills and experience on producing assemblies.

One of the first in Europe, the auto-cutter allows increased accuracy, productivity, and consistency, which allows us to offer our loyal customers great deals on bulk orders of wire rope between 1mm-5mm, and cut lengths of up to 5 metres.

Laser Engravers

Our Technifor TF410 LaserTop is used to engrave logos, or identifying numbers such as batch numbers, on stainless steel and aluminium components.

We also use a portable handheld high precision laser engraver for larger assemblies, or engraving irregular shaped free issue parts in-situ.

Dot Marker

The Pryor MarkMate dot marker is used to percussively engrave identifying numbers where laser engraving is unsuitable, including assemblies and lifting equipment destined for lifting and harsh environments.

Automated Reeling Machines

TC300 reeling machines quickly and accurately spool wire rope, allowing for a fast turnaround from order to dispatch. Benefiting for a precision ring-drive for neater winding, and featuring an adjustable speed of 1-120rpm.


Mecmesin Test Rigs

Both of our Mecmesin rigs are used in producing reports and analysis of cable assemblies and individual components, destruction tests, or proof load cycle tests.

Mecmesin OmniTest 50 - Produces a load up to 50kN, and is capable of testing wire rope assemblies up to 16mm.

Mecmesin MultiTest-dV 2.5 - Designed for smaller assemblies, such as micro-cable lanyards, capable of testing up to 2.5kN.

Portable Load Cells

Tractel load cells - Designed for measuring force on-site, these Dynafor load cells are used on large assemblies which don't otherwise fit in testing rigs, such as 24 hour proof tests on a 12 metre span.

We have a further load cell attached to our Yale hydraulic test rig, which is used to finding the breaking load of assembly components up to 15 tonnes, such as shackles or eyebolts.

Niton Material Analyser

TECNI Ltd use the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 Metal Alloy Analyser to verify the material of all stainless steel stock booked into our system.

The Niton™ XL5 Metal Alloy Analyser is the world’s smallest hand-held analyser. It rapidly determines elemental composition and alloy grade accurately producing the full analysis of the material composition whilst being completely non-destructive.

Laser Diameter Measure

We use the QP3025 Laser Measure for non-contact measurement of wire rope between 0.1mm and 25mm. It offers high-speed, high-precision measurement, allowing us to verify the diameter of the cable to ±0.002mm.