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Wire Rope Assemblies

Quality Control

TECNI products go into safety critical applications and it is our job to ensure that our products do their job and anyone using our products stays safe. We have a dedicated Quality Team who use advanced testing and verification equipment to ensure all the products make the grade.

TECNI Ltd Quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Our manufacturing processes and procedures, as well as the quality of our cable and wire rope end fittings are continually monitored, quality checked and improved.

Material Analysis & Verification

TECNI Ltd use the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 Metal Alloy Analyser to verify the material of all stainless steel stock booked into our system.

The Niton™ XL5 Metal Alloy Analyser is the world’s smallest hand-held analyser. It rapidly determines elemental composition and alloy grade accurately producing the full analysis of the material composition whilst being completely non-destructive.

Strength Testing

With our Mecmesin Multitest we can perform cycle and straight line pull tests to give you complete confidence in your assemblies. If it is a proof load or destruction test that you require, this machine can give you a full report showing the exact result or point of failure. Printed certificates including graphs are available upon request. With our vertical test machine we can proof load cable assemblies & lifting equipment up to 10 tonnes. We can also conduct destruction tests depending on the assembly.

Laser Engraving

TECNI Ltd offers Laser engraving for both Aluminium and Stainless Steel material up to a size of 110mm square. The Laser engraver works by burning the top layer of the surface leaving a permanent etch which is easy to read from a distance. It is suitable for marking serial numbers, traceability codes, branding and working load limits. This is the best option for when aesthetics are important.

Dot Marking is an alternative to Laser engraving. This can be used for Copper as well as Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Dot-engraving punches a deep impression into the material making the identification hard wearing and is perfect for lifting gear and cable assemblies. This is the best option for when durability is a concern.

CAD Models for Designers

All products unique to TECNI are backed up with computer drawn models to help speed up your design process. We have an advanced and creative in-house design team ready to assist with all your enquiries.

Please email sales@tecni.uk to request a drawing, CAD model or to arrange a meeting to speak over the phone with our experienced team.