Small Diameter Cable & Wire Rope

At TECNI we specialise in premium quality and high performance small diameter cable. 

Our galvanised cable range starts at 1mm diameter in a 7x7 construction and Stainless Steel cable range starts at 0.54mm (7x7 construction) 1mm (1x19 construction) 0.75mm (7x19 construction). 

TECNI Galvanised Steel Wire Rope

TECNI Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

Our miniature wire rope is perfect for projects such as jewellery and is strong enough for installations such as cable display systems and control cables. 

We also have a range of small diameter coated cables available in Nylon and PVC available.

TECNI Miniature Nylon Coated Wire Rope

TECNI PVC Coated Stainless Steel Rope 7x7 Construction

Wire rope is sold by the metre please add your required length to your order and we will reel it to your requirements. We have quick lead times and a large stock holding.