Gym Cables

Maximise your equipment, Quality, Safety and Performance with the Industries Leading Fitness Cable.

Here at TECNI Ltd we stock EXERFLEXPRO Gym Cable from Loos & Co in the USA. 
EXERFLEXPRO is made to exacting quality standards. Extensive testing processes mean you will always receive cable that is fully certified to provide the strength and endurance required on today's high performance fitness equipment. Click here to view our range of EXERFLEXPRO cable.
The incredibly hard wearing Nylon coating is very smooth and flexible - perfect for going around pulleys.

Use EXERFLEX PRO for an extended life in your fitness equipment.

Gym Cable Machine Repair
Crossover Cable Machine Repair
Lat Pulldown Cable Machine Repair
We also supply a range of Gym Cable Fittings and Tools perfect for Gym Maintenance and Repairs. For more information, visit our Gym Cables section.
We can create Custom Premium Quality Gym Cable Assemblies in-house. Send in your requirements to

Click here to find out more about our TECNI Gym Cable Repair Kit with Swage End Fittings and Tools

Please email for a quote or for more information.