Bespoke Wire Rope Assembly Design

Custom Wire Rope Assemblies made to order

TECNI can manufacture made-to-measure wire rope assemblies and wire rope systems for many applications. We can also engrave and test the steel cable assemblies to your design or specification. We have full-in house design and testing facilities including material analysis and verification and all manufacturing processes and procedures are continually monitored, checked and improved because of our strong commitment to supplying high quality products and services.

We can assist projects with computer drawn models to help speed up the design process and our experienced sales team will work closely with you to establish your requirements and recommend the best possible products. A detailed manufacture procedure is written for every wire rope assembly manufactured to ensure every one (including any subsequent orders) is exactly the same.

We only use the highest quality materials. For example, our premium stainless steel cable is tested with the latest technology in Germany to ensure correct chemical composition, strength, quality of finish and manufacturing consistency

Our Standard tolerances are available on request

Please contact us with your wire rope assembly requirement -