Crosby M20x65 HR125M Swivel Hoist Ring 2150 kgs WLL - 221.016.644

  • Forged Alloy Steel 
  • Fully certified for lifting
  • RFID on frame 2 & above
  • 5:1 Factor of Safety 
  • Use at all angles
High Quality Forged Alloy Steel Swivel Hoist Ring for use on ferrous metal assemblies. The working load and tightening torque are marked on the top label of each unit.
All hoist rings from frame 2 up are fitted with an RFID chip to enable enhanced control of your lifting equipment. Give us a call for more details or a demonstration.
Product Code: 221.016.644

Applications & Advice

Crosby Hoist rings can be used at any angle but you should read the Safe Use Data Sheet carefully. 

Frame 2 and above are fitted with Crosby RFID system for advanced control of your lifting equipment register.