Zinc Plated Lifting Eyenuts - DIN 582

Part CodeD1D2D3D4HKEM
106.051.006M6 x 1mm15mm26mm15mm30mm6mm8mm8mm
106.051.008M8 x 1.25mm20mm36mm20mm36mm8mm8.5mm10mm
106.051.010M10 x 1.5mm25mm45mm25mm45mm10mm10mm12mm
106.051.012M12 x 1.75mm30mm54mm30mm53mm12mm11mm14mm
106.051.016M16 x 2mm35mm63mm35mm62mm14mm13mm16mm
106.051.020M20 x 2.5mm40mm72mm40mm71mm16mm16mm19mm
106.051.024M24 x 3mm50mm90mm50mm90mm20mm20mm24mm
106.051.030M30 x 3.5mm65mm108mm60mm109mm24mm25mm28mm

Certificate - Every lifting eye nut we supply is fully tested and certified in accordance with standard DIN 582:2010. It comes to you with certificate 3.1 EN10204, full chemical analysis, is fully traceable and bears the main information for the product's safe use (CE marking, maximum WLL, 3 main directions of pull, the batch number, type of material, thread size and other information deemed useful by the manufacturer).

What quality to expect from DIN 582 Eyenuts