TECNI Tensor Balustrading System


Designed, patented and manufactured in Spain

Available for 4mm cable.

Known and certified high strength, quick tensioning swageless terminals




Designed for where a known high strength is critical. A tested and certified breaking load makes the TECNI Tensor Cable Balustrade system especially ideal for areas where you want style, uninterrupted views without compromising rigorous safety standards as in indoor and outdoor wire balustrades, balcony wires, wire railing and architectural features.

It is suitable for horizontal, vertical and angled runs for decking, indoor and outdoor cable balustrades and wire balconies, wire railing and architectural features.  

These premium quality, A4 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings are unique. Simple and stylish, yet are as strong as the cable and offer the perfect cable railing solution for those areas where a high strength and tamper proof cable infill is required. They are most efficient with 7 strand cable.

Having a known breaking load means that they can be used with complete confidence and specified into any drawing for suspension and tensioning applications.

The list of applications is endless and includes horizontals, and vertical cable balustrading, infill wires, green wall systems, display and signage, architectural suspension and tensioning, lighting suspension and marine

Deciding what you need for your TECNI Tensor balustrade system.

 Are your posts/end fixings metal or wood?

 Do you want horizontal, vertical or angled runs?

 For one horizontal or vertical run.

Choose between a Right and a Left Hand fitting with the stud or wood screw or 2 Tensor fittings with the ball attachment.

 For one angled run - Use the Tensor fitting with the ball attachment.

If you want a straight run going through a post so you can tighten it up on the outside rather than into a post, choose a Tensor balustrade fitting with a bolt and 2 nuts.

 Choose a 7x7 or 7x19 strand cable for ease, efficiency and extra strength. Note: 1x19 cable can be used but is more difficult to install. Note: The system is also available for 5mm and 6mm cable.

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