TECNI Stage Rigging Solutions

Chemically blackened stage rigging fittings and rope do their work while remaining hidden in the darkness, without drawing focus away from the action. The anti-reflective coating eliminates glare from spotlights, while providing the same piece of mind as our other fittings, such as specified working loads, and long life use.

  • - Black steel cable designed for, but not limited to, use in theatre & stage rigging & suspension applications.

  • - Tough chemically blackened finish to minimise reflection from stage lights.

  • - Colouring process and surface preservation ensures durability and long service life in use

  • - Black wire rope produced by one of our German manufacturing partners.

  • - View our range of black theatre cable

  • - Black-Lock cable grippers suitable for use in theatres, display and suspension projects where camouflaged cable is required.

  • - Simple to use mechanism

  • - Available in range of sizes, compatible with wire rope between 1.25mm - 6mm

  • - Perfect for creating adjustable loop terminations for suspending loads up to 500kg

  • - View our range of Black-Lock grippers
  • - Crosby black shackles for lifting & suspension in theatres & stage rigging.

  • - Baked on black finish

  • - Unmatched 6:1 Factor of Safety, supporting loads up to 4750kg

  • - Features secure screw pin system

  • - View our range of specialist theatre shackles

  • - Black TECNI Grip cable suspension fittings

  • - Ideal for a number of theatre and suspension projects.

  • - Available in either ring or jaw configuration

  • - Suitable for either 4-5mm or 6-8mm wire rope

  • - Easy to fit by hand, with no specialist tools required

  • - View our range of black TECNI Grip suspension fittings

TECNI also stocks various other theatre cable accessories, such as IRONGRIP Load Rated Grips or Crosby M279 Eye Bolts