TECNI Marine DIY Guardrail Fittings

TECNI Marine Guardrail System

Guardrail systems are an essential part of any yacht or boats safety system, it is important that they are maintained properly with materials that are fit for purpose. There are several other systems available on the web which require swaging and other specialist tools, with our DIY Guardrail kits you simply need to buy a left hand and a right hand fitting and cable to suit and you can create the system yourself.

The system has two size options there is the M6 system which is suitable for use with our 4mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel cable with or without a PVC coating, the second option is the M8 System which is suitable for use with our 6mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel cable.

You will require both left and right hand fittings so that you can tension the system correctly, with the tension fitting you will be supplied with a jaw fitting and appropriate grub screws which will need be tightened once the cable has been inserted into the fitting. If you have any problems fitting the system we have a video available and a team of staff on hand to advise you if you are having any difficulties.

Our easy to follow instruction video is available below and via our TECNI TV channel, if you have any further questions please contact us via our Online Chat, email sales@tecni.uk or call us on 01278773510.