Hydraulic Tool Servicing

Servicing for YCP120C and YCP240C crimping and press tools

Here at TECNI Ltd we can supply a range of high quality wire rope hydraulic swaging tools to be used when crimping on wire rope terminations to steel cable.

We also offer a premium servicing and maintenance solution for these tools if required. Simply send in your YCP Hydraulic crimping tool and our highly trained servicing team will disassemble and thoroughly inspect. Seals and O rings will be replaced and all components will be cleaned. The tool will then be fully tested before being sent back to you.

To receive a quote please email sales@tecni.uk


We have spare kits available for the YCP-120C, YCP-240 and CPC-20A hydraulic swaging tools. Included in these spare kits are set screws, ball bearings, compression springs, roll pin, circlips and rubber seals.


Please email sales@tecni.uk for a quote or more information