TECNI Stainless Steel Cable and Rod Trellis Kit

Using a combination of premium stainless steel wire rope, rods and high quality fittings the TECNI Rod Trellis System is ideal for training vines and other climbing plants. Use to create a vibrant green wall in moments with the easy to use fittings and adjustable spacings.

TECNI supply corrosion resistant stainless steel wire rope and fittings ensuring a maintenance free system once installed. 

The system is available in two sizes Mini which uses 2.5mm cable and Max which uses 4mm cable. 

The TECNI Mini Rod Trellis system is suitable for use with plants such as tomato vines, honeysuckle, jasmine, roses, ivy and clematis.

The TECNI Max Rod Trellis system is perfect for larger plants such as a dwarf wisteria, bougainvillea and clematis.

Available In Both 2.5mm and 4mm Sizes To Suit Your Garden Design

Customer Testimonial

"I had a really hard time finding a wire trellis that would fit my outdoor space "off the rack". I never did find one actually. However, I noticed TECNI mentioned getting in touch with them to custom design one for any size area. I thought it would be cost prohibitive so I put it off for some time... I never should have waited! The cost was reasonable and the solution (fully custom wire trellis) is equal parts elegant and functional. I LOVE the trellis and I fully expect it to last a long time as the quality is first rate. Get in touch with them and see what their friendly sales team has to say! Also, they went above and beyond to help me with the installation by making a YouTube video specific to my particular project. Vintage customer Service. Beautiful."

Contact us at sales@tecni.uk with your requirements