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Loos & Co Specialised Cable & Wire Rope


We are proud to be UK partners of Loos & Co who manufacture a wide variety of specialty cable & wire ropes, including armored, military specification and ExerflexPro® fitness cables.

Armoured Cable

Armored CableLoos & Co offer a high quality armor wrapped cable which can be manufactured in just about any construction and configuration in sizes ranging from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 5/16" (8mm). It can be manufactured using various galvanised, bright, and stainless steel alloys (302/304, 305, 316, Inconel®, and Monel® to name a few). For added protection and weatherproofing, armor wrapped cable can also be jacketed in a variety of materials from vinyl to nylon download our datasheet here

Aircraft Cable

Aircraft Cable and Wire RopeTECNI UK stock a variety of sizes of Loos & Co aircraft and military specification wire rope. Available in commercial and military specifications in stainless steel, galvanised carbon steel they also offer a variety of other alloys in selected constructions. Loos & Co are a fully integrated manufacturer: drawing wire, stranding cable, extruding jacketing material and providing custom products, configurations and processes when you require them. Shop Mil-Spec Aircraft Cable & Wire Rope.

ExerflexPro® Fitness Cable

Exerflex Pro Fitness CableLoos & Co manufacture the industry standard in fitness cables and wire rope available in a range of diameters from 3/32”(2.4mm) coated to 5/32”(4mm) to ¼”(6.35mm) coated to 5/16”(7.93mm). All ExerflexPro® cable products are manufactured and tested to exacting standards. The breaking strength and endurance life are tested and certified for each lot of cable, ensuring you receive the safest and highest performing cable available worldwide. All test results are put in writing, signed, and sent with every order. Shop ExerflexPro®

Miniature Medical Wires/Wire Ropes

Miniature Cables and Wire RopeStarting at a micro diameter of 0.006” or 0.152mm Loos&Co can supply a range of coated and uncoated cables in a variety of constructions to meet your needs. Standard coatings include nylon and PVC.


Reflective Cable and Wire RopeLoos & Co have combined the mechanical properties of wire rope with the added safety of light reflective plastic coating to make Reflexlite® a safety product that provides a visual barrier for outlining hazards in any application. Weatherproof and resistant to salt, Reflexlite® has a working temperature range of -50 (-45°C) to +150°F (+65°C)so it is perfect for adverse conditions.

These are just some of the options which are available - please contact us with your requirements for further details on their ranges. Loos & Co are certified AS9100, ISO9001, ISO 13485 (medical).

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