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Yalelift 360 Hand Chain Hoist 500 kgs WLL 12 Metres HOL - 235.252.005

  • Rotating Chain Guide
  • Robust Steel Construction
  • Patented Quiet Brake Unit 
  • Lightweight 
  • Low Headroom

The Yalelift 360 Hand Chain Hoist has a revolutionary and compact design which does away with many of the parts in a conventional hoist. The brake unit runs quieter and wear is reduced. Most of the precision parts including the gearbox are protected from the ingress of dirt. In spite of its low price Yalelift 360 still offers high quality encapsulated bearings and steel bushes throughout. As usual this Yalelift 360 Hoist is fully repairable.

Product Code: 235.252.005

Applications & Advice

The Model 360 Yalelift Hand Chain can be operated from any pulling position because the chain guide & cover rotates to face the operator.

The Yalelift 360 can also be specified with the following additional features at extra cost:
  Spark Resistant construction
  Overload protection Device
  Chain Container
  Corrosion resistant version

Never try to apply a load on the point of the hook as this will damage the hook and make the lever hoist illegal to use.
Never slide the hook on to the flange of a beam to lift as this will stretch the hook making it illegal for further use