Yale YC-10 Beam Clamp 10000 kgs WLL - 235.102.100

  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Lock on beam 
  • Wide range of Adjustment
  • Plated working parts
  • Smooth operation

The Yale YC Beam Clamps are designed to be easily fitted to a wide range of beams.

Product Code: 235.102.100

Dimensions & Drawings

A (min): 175mm
A (max): 220mm
A1: 90mm
A2: 320mm
B1: 268mm
B2: 480mm
b1: 90mm
b2: 320mm
C: 70mm
D: 14mm
E: 275mm
F1: 35mm
F2: 20mm
G1: 110mm
G2: 66mm
H: 38mm
J1: 34mm
J2: 35mm
K1: 60mm
K2: 40mm
L: 146mm

Applications & Advice

The YC Beam Clamp can be quickly & easily attached to any beam within its particular working range.