Yale HTP Push Travel Trolley Type "A" 500 kgs WLL - 235.104.050

  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Lock on beam 
  • Wide range of Adjustment
  • Plated working parts
  • Smooth operation

The Yale HTP Push Travel Trolley is designed to be easily fitted to a wide range of beams. No additional locking devices are required as the application of the load to the centre eye prevents any further turning of the adjustment screw. Yale HTP trolleys move easily under load due to the machined steel wheels which are fitted with pre-lubricated, encapsulated precision ball bearings. There are two sizes for each load rating to suit a wide range of beam flange sizes.

Product Code: 235.104.050

Applications & Advice

The HTG Geared Travel Trolley can be quickly & easily attached to any beam within its particular working range. Just turn the central adjustment screw and hang your load on the eye section to lock the adjustment as required.

"A" type trolleys fit smaller beams

"B" type trolleys fit larger beams

See Dimensions for more details

Dimensions & Drawings

A: 77mm
D: 16mm
D1: 25mm
D2: 30mm
F1: 46mm
H1: 30.5mm
I: 71.5mm
L: 260mm
L1: 130mm
O: 60mm
P1: 168mm
P2: 146mm
T: 146mm