Toggle-It PTEGK 10 kgs WLL Toggle Termination Cable Pack of 4 pcs

  • The system consists of wire and zip - clip with a toggle termination.
  • Designed to fix a wire support into a through hole.
  • Tested cable suspension systems with a guaranteed working load rating.
  • All Zip-Clip products have been independently tested by NEL/TUV, MELBTEST, NATA, SATRA, Lloyds British & Apave.
  • All the clips are UL Certified.
£12.73 to £20.05
Product Code: PTEGK-10KG-4PCS

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Applications & Advice

Suitable for:
Plenum boxes
Chilled beams
Radiant heat panels
Metal cladding
Thin tin roofs
Cable tray
Acoustic boards

Dimensions & Drawings

Technical Info

Key free release system
Three different toggles available to suit light and medium weight applications
BZP toggles
Suspension can be inverted
High tensile galvanised wire 1960N/mm2 grade 7 x 7 construction
BSEN 12385 standard

The Installation
By inverting the toggle parallel to the wire it will swing through 90 degrees
Push into the product being suspended
Ensure hole is no larger than 12mm diameter
Pass the free end of the wire through the zip - clip in the direction of the arrow
Pass through or around your required suspension and back through the zip-clip leaving 15cm of wire protruding
Always confirm engagement of the zip-clip on the wire by pushing the pin in the opposite direction to the arrows indicated