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TECNI Stainless Steel PVC/Vinyl Coated Twist Ties (10 pcs) - 610.001.016

  • Reusable soft PVC coated wire
  • For garden, greenhouse and around the home
  • Ideal for training or supporting plants

Coated soft stainless steel wire perfect for limitless applications including securing plants to your trellis to create stunning green walls, training tomato plants & vines.

The soft PVC coating is finger friendly & prevents contact with wire ends.

Once installed this easy to use coated cable is maintenance free & reusable. 

Twist the coated strand and it will stay in place with minimal resistance.
Product Code: 610.001.016

Applications & Advice

Designed to be reused & easily adjusted.
Excellent for plant trellis systems. 
Custom lengths can be supplied on request.

Technical Info

1.2mm 1x7 Annealed Stainless Strand Coated to 1.6mm in Clear PVC 

Stainless Grade: A2-AISI 304
Coating Material: Clear PVC (Vinyl)
Catalogue Code: 610.001.016
Unit Length: 152mm (6")