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TECNI STANDARD Cable Trellis Grid Kit

  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cable.

  • Installs Easily.

  • Maintenance Free.

TECNI STANDARD Trellis Kit is a Cable Trellis System that creates a trellis grid to support climbing plants.  The kit uses Cross-over Fittings to create the trellis grid, this simple kit will give you all the cable and fittings required for your chosen grid sizes.

The kit is available in both 330mm (0.33 metre) and 500mm (0.5 metre) square grids from 1 metre to 5 metres.

Simple to install this wire trellis system makes it easy to add a green wall to your house, perfect for any climbing plant this High Quality 316 Stainless Steel is perfect for creating a maintenance free support to create your living green wall.

Free 2m Reel of Twist Tie Wire and Free Cutters with all Trellis Kit Purchases - Simply add them to your basket and use Code TRELLIS2021 at check out.

Applications & Advice

The TECNI STANDARD Cable Trellis System has been designed for rapid installation using basic tools. Parts are manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless for minimal maintenance. 

Installation Instructions: Tools Required: Hand or Power Drill, 5mm (7/32”) Wood Drill Bit (for installation into wood) or a 10mm (3/8”) Masonry Drill Bit (for installation into masonry), 13mm (1/2") Spanner, Marker Pen, Wire Rope Cutter. 

1. Drill a 5mm (7/32”) into wood or a 10mm (3/8”) into masonry to allow insertion of the dual threaded screw fitting. 

2. Screw in the wood/masonry screw section of the dual threaded fitting ensuring that the flat central section is inside the wood or nylon wall plug provided. 

3. Put the washer onto the dual threaded screw and fit the first nut to clamp the washer against the wood or wall. 

4. Use marker pen to mark & then cut the cable. Cut slightly over length & trim back rather than cut too short. Leave sufficient free cable to pull for tensioning. 

5. Fit the horizontal cables into the deepest slot in the cross-over clip and the vertical cables into the shallowest slot in the cross-over clip. 

6. Tension the cables by hand from fitting to fitting and tighten the set screws (grub screws) as you go. 

7. Fit the Black PVC Cap supplied over the cut cable ends to prevent fraying. Tips: The cross-over fitting can be used to drive the dual threaded screw into the wood or wall. Also, the two nuts supplied with each fitting can be screwed onto the end of the fitting and used as a drive. It is easier to fit the system with two people. One pulls tension into the horizontal cable and one pulls tension into the vertical cable between the same two fittings.


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