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TECNI Gym Cable Repair Tool Kit for Ball Shank Cable Ends


  • 1 x TECNI Hydraulic Crimping Tool - Catalogue Code 101.000.240

  • 1 x TECNI Cable Cutter - Catalogue Code 103.000.007

  • 1 x Set of Ball Dies suitable for use with ExerflexPro cable - Sizes MS20664-C1 to MS20664-C6 and BA3-1 to BA3-6

This kit is suitable for use with ExerflexPro Cable - Click here to view.

Breakdowns and repairs cost you time and money, eliminate the inconvenience by easily repairing existing cables or create new on-site with the TECNI Gym Cable Repair Tool Kit suitable for ball shank fittings.

The TECNI Cable Cutter leaves a clean cut cable end and the TECNI Crimping Tool with our specially designed ball crimping dies will make machine downtime a thing of the past - keeping you in business and your customers happy.

The Exerflex Premium Cable is designed specifically for use in gym machines and has been tested extensively to ensure strength and durability.

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The MS20664 fittings are manufactured to military specification in stainless steel and are often used for gym cables due to their high standards of quality and longevity.

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