Pewag Winner VAW32 Quad Master Link Grade 10 - 230.060.032

  • High quality Pewag Winner Grade 10 VAW32 Special Quad Master Link Assembly 
  • According to EN 1667-4 with increased load capacity 
  • For Pewag connex and welded system
  • For assembling 3- and 4-leg chains with connex links CW, when shortening hooks are to be assembled separately, and for slings with thimbled eyes
  • For assembling of Welded slings with BW
  • Consisting of AW 72 + 2 AW 56
Product Code: 230.060.032

Applications & Advice

This IV-leg master link assembly can be used for III- and IV-leg chain slings in the assembled or welded system and is even more versatile due to universal connection possibilities.