Pewag Winner AWHW-10 Weld-On Hook - 230.450.100

High Quality Pewag Winner Grade 10 AWHW-6,3 Weld-On Hook with increased load capacity suitable for welding on to mobile lifting equipment to create a lift point.

  • According to EN 1667-4 with Increased Load Capacity
  • Safety Hook to be welded on excavator bucket
  • Grade 10 Winner
  • Meets safety specifications
  • Observe Welding Instructions
Product Code: 230.450.100

Applications & Advice

This high-strength hook is particularly well suited for welding onto excavator bucket, spreader beams etc. Its outstanding features include a die-forged, tempered safety catch, making it extrarobust. As the safety catch locks into the tip of the hook, it provides excellent protection against lateral shifting.

Dimensions & Drawings

WLL (Working Load Limit): 10000kg
L: 175mm
H: 133mm
G: 34mm
B: 50mm
C: 49mm