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Kuplex Chain Fittings K-10N Kupler WLL 4000 kgs - 207.750.152

  • Precision drop forged in the UK
  • Assemble with basic tools
  • 4:1 Factor of safety
  • Fully certified for lifting
  • Comprehensive traceability

Kuplex chain slings are of the highest quality, offered in a wide range of sizes and fittings suitable for most lifting applications. Used by defence and off shore industries due to the superior dependability of the product.

Product Code: 207.750.152

Applications & Advice

Use only as part of a certified chain system. Any repairs carried out to a chain sling assembly must be re-inspected and re-certified by a "Competent Person" holding a LEEA Qualification or equivalent. 

Where applicable, fittings are supplied with the correct load and retaining pins.

Dimensions & Drawings

R: 73mm
W: 35mm
D: 19mm
S: 15mm