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Hydraulic Tool Spares Kit - 101.500.120

Spares Kit for:

Consisting of: 
2 x M5 x 4mm DIN 916 Set Screws 
2 x 4mm Ball Bearings 1 x 4.5mm Ball Bearing 
2 x 7mm x 0.3mm Compression Springs 
1 x 3.2mm x 12mm Roll Pin 
2 x 7mm i/d Circlips 
5 x 2mm x 8mm i/d Small Rubber Seals 
4 x 1.5mm x 8mm i/d White Nylon Seals 
1 x 3.5mm x 28mm i/d Large Rubber Seal 

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Product Code: 101.500.120