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Black-Lock KL600 Cable Grip for 6mm Cable Max Suspension WLL 500 kgs 113.160.060

  • Simple to install & adjust by hand - takes just seconds
  • No specialist tools or training required to fit
  • Can suspend vertically or at an angle
  • Fully reusable for other projects
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc alloy housing
  • KL600
This lightweight, easy to fit cable grip for 6mm 7x7 cable is a safe, rapid & tool-free method for joining, tensioning & creating loops in cables on site. 
** For static suspension & tensioning use only. Not to be used for dynamic overhead lifting.*
Product Code: 113.160.060

Applications & Advice

This product is also excellent with 7x19 cable constructions but make sure you apply the 5:1 factor of safety based upon the size and construction of cable selected. We would recommend you use wire rope cutters for neat cable ends to ensure easy installation.

*Please note that all stated working loads and certifications are based on the product being used in conjunction with the High Tensile Zip-Clip Rize Wire

Dimensions & Drawings

A: 30mm
B: 21mm
B1: 24mm
C: 48mm
D: 40.5mm