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6mm Hardened Steel Die Set for MS20664-C8 Ball Terminals - 100.020.060

  • Designed for use with Talurit 20, 30 and 40 tonne presses
  • Provides strong reliable termination
  • Tested over many thousands of cycles
  • Assemblies manufactured to order
  • Stainless swage ball shank fittings available from stock
  • Ball Terminals need to be pressed multiple times

6mm Hardened Steel Die Set for Stainless Ball Terminals

MS20664-C8 A2-AISI 304 Stainless Swage Ball Fitting - 127.206.648 onto 6mm diameter cables. Dies fit 20t & 30t & 40t Talurit hydraulic swaging machine. Perfect for gym cables & high strength or decorative applications.

Product Code: 100.020.060

Applications & Advice

When pressing ball fittings rotate multiple times to achieve a smooth finish

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Dimensions & Drawings

Cable Diameter: 6mm
Shaft Dia. After Swaging: 8.3mm
Ball Dia. After Swaging (D2:) : 14.4mm
D1: 10.7mm
L1: 76mm
L2: 45mm
L3: 38mm
W2: 31mm
W3: 42mm