4mm Stainless Steel Cable Trellis PRO Cross Fitting. 100mm - 208.635.100

This marine grade, A4-AISI 316 stainless steel PRO Cross fitting is strong, practical and suitable for supporting plants 100mm from the wall. Use between walls and along walls with the cable running horizontally or vertically. Can be used alone or as intermediary eyes with the Trellis PRO Eye fitting and guardrail.  
  • Supports cable 100mm from the wall
  • Fits into wood, concrete, brick and stone
  • Can be used as an intermediary post
  • Makes full grid, supporting cable horizontally and vertically
  • Installs easily with no specialist tools needed
  • Marine grade, AISI 316, stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free
  • Designed for use with 4mm cable
  • UK manufactured

    Customer Note: 
    Please mention when ordering if you are fixing into metal posts as this fitting can be supplied with an alternative stud fixing.
QtyPrice (per unit)
1 - 9£16.91
10 - 49£16.06
50 - 99£15.22
100 +£14.37
Product Code: 208.635.100

Applications & Advice

If installing into masonry, brick and stone, use 10mm Masonry Drill Bit for Rawlplug. 

This TECNI®PRO CROSS Trellis Fitting can be used as an end and intermediary post as well as an intermediary post in conjunction with the TECNI®PRO EYE Trellis Fitting with TECNI® Guardrail. 
Measure out and mark off where the fittings are to be positioned. Using a 8mm drill bit, drill a hole with a minimum depth of 65mm into the wall. Remove any debris from the hole. Tap the bolt using a hammer into the wall until between 20 and 30mm of thread is left exposed. If using a TECNI® 50mm black rubber washer (Catalogue Code: 172.052.080), thread on the washer tight to the wall. Screw on the Cover Plate until it is clamped tight to the wall. Next screw on the Trellis Pillar until it is tight up to the Cover Plate. Screw the 30mm piece of stud into the Trellis Pillar and then the Cross over clip onto the other end until the whole fitting is tight. Tighten until the Cross is in alignment with the plain of the cables. Ie. If your cables go vertically and horizontally ensure the Cross is aligned to allow this to be achieved. 

To attach the cable to the TECNI®PRO CROSS fitting 
Remove or loosen the retaining Grub screw from the Crossover Clip, to enable the cables to be inserted. Lay the first cable into the deepest slot and the second cable into the shallow slot. Hand tension cable between fittings and clamp by inserting grub screw to hold the cable in place. Tighten the grub screw using the allen key. If using the TECNI® PRO CROSS fitting as an end post, using wire cutters, cut off the loose cable from the end fitting approx 2.5cm from the Crossover clip. Add a plastic end cap to each cut end of cable. Use an adhesive to make end cap permanent.   

Dimensions & Drawings